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Self-Care with Basic Baby Co.

When I was pregnant with my first, everyone and their mother talked to me about pregnancy and what to expect. I even got 4, "What to expect when you're expecting" books as gifts and yes, I read all of them, I even went to the movie! What I wasn't prepared for was postpartum. It hit me like a brick wall and I was feeling all sorts of things emotionally, which I read about and physically which was all new to me. I was so busy trying to be everything and more for my child that I forgot about myself and because of that, my body suffered; big time. Let's just say, I suffered two years worth of chronic pain due to (get ready for some TMI) hemorrhoids and... a body-part specific fissure. TWO YEARS, GUYS!

I came across this amazing product by Basic Baby Co. called the Birth Baby Bundle by chance. It comes with everything every mom needs for self-care after baby arrives. The bundle includes the following:

- Perineal Balm, Spray, Healing Herbs & Epsom Salts

- Maternity Pads

- Disposable Underwear

- Sitz Bath

- Peri Bottles

- Ice Packs

- Underpads

- Optional: Washable Nursing Pads

Can I just say that both of my deliveries were via c-section and these products would have helped me regardless, especially in the haemorrhoid/fissure department (sorry, TMI!). I think this bundle would make the perfect AND most practical gift for every mom-to-be. I certainly would have appreciated it!

Another product that I loved was their Nurse Baby Bundle. I can't tell you how many times I sent my husband out to get me some nipple cream and nursing pads (FYI, The leakage is real, ladies! Like super soaker real). All of their bundles are practical, have great quality products and don't break the bank. They even offer the option to Build Your Own Bundle.

To any expecting mom reading this, drink LOTS and LOTS of water and use the bathroom regularly after birth. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! What I went through for two years was something I don't wish upon anyone, I actually remember saying to my husband that I would go through the 31 hours of labour all over again than take the pain I was feeling - It was THAT bad. With postpartum and the overwhelming new responsibility as a mom, the pain really didn't help my situation. I had sleepless nights and tears in my eyes not because of my child but because of my pain.

Basic Baby Co. is a local company based in Vancouver, BC. You guys know how much I love supporting local. They've found the perfect niche in the baby industry that hasn't been met or visited that often! I mean, when everyone thinks of a gift for a new baby, you assume baby clothes, baby bottles, baths (I got A LOT of those) and swaddles, swaddles galore! With my first delivery, I got unlimited balloons, flowers, baby toys and stuffed animals in the hospital room. Don't get me wrong, those are all great gifts but what people forget, even the parents themselves, is wellness after baby has arrived. I think it's awesome that there are companies like Basic Baby Co. introducing these types of products to the world and offering a convenient, efficient and practical way to gift give. I love that there's a focus on mental and physical wellness nowadays and that companies are listening to the needs of their customers.

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